2021 Blue Line Club Spring Salt Fundraiser

Sale Starts: April 27, 2021
Orders Due: May 27, 2021
Pickup/Delivery: June 12th, 2021

We encourage all skaters to sell 60 bags or more.
Any questions, please contact:

Joe Vacek (952)-288-8465
(Looking for two coordinators)


Club Online Sales
Now Thru May 27, 2021
Resulted in over 300 bags of salt in Fall – 2018
The New Prague HS Boys Hockey website under events has a link for them to place orders and pay online
Place player name in the Address Line 2 of the billing field to receive family credit

Manual Personal Salt Sales
Ask friends, family, and neighbors if they’d be willing to support your program by purchasing their next six-month supply of water softener salt from you.
Record all orders on hard copy order form and make copies, your originals will not be returned.
Collect money for manual orders up front.
Make checks out to: NP Blue Line Club

Orders Due

Thursday – May 27, 2021
Complete the order form with sales orders, collect the money during the sale.
Confirm that the dollar amount listed matches the dollar amount collected.

Collect customer contact info and make a copy of your order form, your original will not be returned at pick up.

Please have all proceeds in an envelope with a copy of your order form.
Mark envelope with your name & amount of proceeds collected.

Order collection at Vacek home:

711 11th St NE, New Prague
Phone: (952)-288-8465


Saturday – June 12, 2020

All boys will meet at Ace Hardware – south side of building at 7:45 am to assist with the pre­staging of the sold products.

  • Pick up will be from 8:00AM – 10:00AM
  • Ace Hardware (South Side of Building)
  • Bring a pickup truck or trailer (60 bags weigh 2,400 pounds)
  • Will work with individuals where it makes sense to distribute unclaimed online sales
  • If the sales are collected outside of these communities, delivery will be the responsibility of the seller.

THANK YOU for your Support!

place your order

Diamond Crystal® Solar Naturals Salt Crystals

  • High Purity: Up to 99.6% pure salt
  • Made naturally with sun, wind and time™
  • Low insoluble content

Price: $7.50

Diamond Crystal® Bright & Soft Pellets

  • Highest Purity: Up to 99.8% pure salt
  • Advanced Performance formula—for softener efficiency
  • Virtually 100% water soluble

Price: $8.00

Diamond Crystal® Iron Fighter Pellets

  • High Purity: Up to 99.6% pure salt
  • Iron-Fighting formula—for rust removal
  • Virtually 100% water soluble

Price: $9.00

Ace Hardware Salt Block

  • 50 lbs

Price: $8.50

Ace Brown Cypress Blend Mulch

  • 2cf bag covers approximately 12 sq. ft. at 2 inches deep
  • Retards weed growth
  • Helps insulate the soil and prevents erosion

Price: $7.50